Always wondered how to make a link that teleports your avatar? Wonder no more, for here is the answer:

(if you are looking for There™'s own explanation on this, click --> here <--)

I am going to attempt to keep it simple.

All you need is the DOID for the zone (or sign, book or invisible teleport spot) you want to teleport to. (No you can NOT teleport to avatars. Privacy, you see?)

To find the DOID, you have 4 options:

1. While in the zone, press CTRL-SHIFT-D to show the DOIDs. (Obviously this is confusing, so forget that)
    (before you panic, press CTRL-SHIFT-D 3 more times to get rid of all the numbers)
2. use This Place - Info about  <zone> from your menu and note the big number in the address bar
3. Press CTRL-SHIFT-H to activate the HUD. the number after 'in Activity Zone' is the one you want.
    (press CTRL-SHIFT-H again to swith off the HUD)
4. if it is a sign/book you need the DOID of, simply look at the 'about' of the object.

Now that you have succesfully acquired the DOID, you're ready to rock.

The main link you need, is this:

simply replace the XXXXXXX with the DOID you found and presto: your link

You can place that in your group-page or add it as a 'jump-link' to your compass. (see here how to add commands to your compass)